How to Take Fingerprints for Fingerprint Jewelry

Here’s a really easy way to take your fingerprints at home.  All you need is a pencil, some white paper, and clear tape.  This is a fantastic way to get the fingerprints you need for our fingerprint jewelry.

It’s best to use a sheet of plain white paper, with no lines on it.  With the pencil (a regular graphite pencil works well), color in an area about an inch across.  Keep the lines nice and close together so that there is a lot of lead on the paper.

Rub your finger on the pencil marks so that the graphite transfers to your finger.  For a good print, make sure a good portion of your finger is covered.

Next, take a piece of clear tape and press it onto your finger.

Peel the tape off carefully, and place it onto the paper.  You should be able to see the fingerprint lines clearly.

Take a clear, well lit photo of the fingerprint.  Make sure there are no shadows on the page and that the print is clear.

You can upload the fingerprint image when adding the item to your cart here on our site.  Do not crop or edit the image – just send us the original photo you took of the fingerprint.

Once we receive your order and your fingerprint image, we do the rest.

You can view our entire Fingerprint Collection here.

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