Coordinates Bracelet – Handstamped Aluminum



Enter the coordinates for the bracelet. If you do not know the coordinates or latitude and longitude for your specific location, you may use to find them. The bracelet shown here uses GPS coordinates instead of latitude and longitude.

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This lightweight aluminum is stamped with one set of geographical coordinates. It’s a great way to remember that special memory without advertising to the world what the occasion was.

Each letter is stamped individually by hand. The letters will not always line up perfectly, and some may be stamped deeper than other letters. This is part of the charm of hand stamped lettering.

The bracelet is 1/4 inch wide and 6 inches long. It will fit most wrists, and is still just flexible enough to widen or close more if you need to.

This cuff bracelet is very lightweight and surprisingly strong. It is pure 1100 Aluminum, which is food safe and completely safe against your skin. There is actually a lower rate of skin reaction with pure aluminum than with sterling silver.


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