Layered Mixed Metals Mother’s Name Necklace



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Have you ever wished you could hold your loved ones close all day long? Now you can wear their names close to your heart with this triple layered pendant.

The top layer: a 3/4 inch sterling silver circle with room for two names (or up to 14 letters and spaces)

The middle layer: a 1 inch copper circle with room for three names (or up to 24 letters and spaces)

The bottom layer: a 1 1/4 inch brass circle with room for three or four names depending on length of names

Brass, copper, and sterling silver are all metals that will tarnish eventually. How fast they tarnish depends on your location and your personal body chemistry. This necklace is sent with a polish pad in case you’d like to remove the tarnish as it occurs.

The pearl is a white freshwater pearl.

The lettering: each letter is stamped individually by hand. The letters will not always line up perfectly, and some may be stamped deeper than other letters. This is part of the charm of hand stamped lettering.

The chain: an 18 inch sterling silver ball chain.


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