Handwriting Cuff Bracelet, Rose Gold Stainless Steel


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Show off your loved one’s actual handwriting with this beautiful handwriting cuff bracelet.  The handwriting is permanently engraved onto the surface of the bracelet.

The bracelet is 3/8″ wide and 6″ long.  It has a shiny rose gold finish on the outside, with a smooth matte finish on the inside.  The ends are beautifully rounded for a bracelet that feels smooth and comfortable on your wrist.  It is rose gold plated stainless steel, and has a wonderful weight to it without being too heavy.

The handwriting has been laser engraved onto it, resulting in a rich, black finish.

Your handwriting image can be uploaded to our site when adding the bracelet to your shopping cart. Scans work the best when they’re in black ink on white paper with no shadows on the page.

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