Cherished, Wanted, Prayed For, Loved Adoption Necklace




This adoption necklace features the words Cherished, Wanted, Prayed For, Loved…all words to describe that intense love we have for our children. Adoption often brings a longer wait with it, and this necklace celebrates the triumph of finally holding that child we’ve waited so long for.

The pendant is a 1 inch sterling silver washer, stamped with the words cherished, wanted, prayed for, loved in an elegant script font. The washer is attached to the chain by a large ring that allows it to spin freely.

The puffy heart is solid sterling silver.

The birthstone is a silver rimmed Swarovski crystal. If you do not specify a birthstone, none will be sent.

The pearl is a white freshwater pearl.

Each letter is stamped individually by hand. The letters will not always line up perfectly, and some may be stamped deeper than other letters. This is part of the charm of hand stamped lettering.

The chain is an 18 inch sterling silver ball chain.


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