Birthstone Cuff Bracelet – Name Bracelet – Aluminum


Names and Birthstones (Up to 6)

Please Enter the names and birthstones you’d like on the bracelet in this format:
Jonathan (March), Alyssa (August)

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This sweet little aluminum cuff bracelet has your children’s names stamped on it, and also has their birthstone set by each name.

The bracelet is 1/4″ wide and 6″ long.  It is stamped with up to six names in a typewriter style font, and after each name is the corresponding birthstone.

It is very lightweight and surprisingly strong. It is pure 1100 Aluminum, which is food safe and completely safe against your skin. There is actually a lower rate of skin reaction with pure aluminum than with sterling silver.

The birthstones are 2.3mm Swarovski crystal rhinestones, each set by hand into the bracelet.


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