Actual Handwriting Bar Necklace – Stainless Steel



Handwriting Image

Please upload the image of the handwriting you would like used on the necklace. Scans work the best when they’re in black ink on white paper.

(max file size 50 MB)

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Stainless Steel bar necklace, excellent for layering. This necklace is laser engraved with your loved one’s actual handwriting.

This necklace uses the actual handwriting of your loved one. You send a scanned copy of the handwriting to us. We engrave that writing onto a stainless steel bar, and make it into a necklace for you.

The bar part of the necklace is 1 1/4″ long and is 1/4″ tall. It is solid stainless steel, and is engraved your loved one’s actual handwriting.

The chain is a stainless steel cable chain.


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