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Personalized fingerprint or thumbprint necklace, with your loved one’s actual finger print engraved onto a stainless steel pendant.

The pendant is stainless steel and is 1″ across. The fingerprint (or thumbprint) on this necklace uses your actual prints or those from your loved one. The print is laser engraved onto the surface of the pendant, which leaves a smooth black mark on the metal.  You upload a picture of the prints to us, and we will engrave them on your pendant. Since no two fingerprints are alike, no two pieces of jewelry will be the same. Please keep in mind that the quality of your finished print will depend on the quality of the print you send to us.

This necklace comes with an 18″ stainless steel cable chain.

*Please note* Very young babies do not generally have fingerprints developed enough to be able to use for these necklaces. A handprint or footprint would work much better for a very young child.

Your fingerprint image can be uploaded to our site when adding the necklace to your shopping cart.

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  1. vvettechgirl

    Perfect and just in Rome for Mother’s Day. Thank you.

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