About Us

Melody, Owner and founder of Hope of My Heart

I wanted to become a mommy one day.

I met my Prince Charming, we got married, and we chose to adopt our first child. I’m so glad we did. Being a mother is the best thing ever.

I made myself a bracelet while we were waiting, and people started asking if they could have one too.

A year later (in 2005), I’d had so many requests for jewelry that I launched my website. In 2007 I opened my Etsy shop. In 2012 I was able to hire an assistant – which freed me up to be able to create more, while she packages, sorts, and does a million other things. My husband left his IT job in March 2014 to work the business full time, and in June we moved into a separate studio building – a dream come true!

My jewelry is for all stages of the motherhood journey. The waiting, the celebrating, and yes, even the grieving that comes sometimes. I’ve been there too. Jewelry for infertility, adoption, motherhood, and loss.

The perfect piece of jewelry can be such an encouragement. It is my hope that every piece I send out is an encouragement to the one who wears it.