New Site Design

Have you noticed the new site design? What do you think?

After years of always doing everything myself, I finally broke down and had someone make a graphics set for me. I figured someone who makes logos professionally could probably do a better job than I could. :O) They also made me a bunch of other graphics, mostly for my Etsy shop. The nice thing is that it was very easy to go make the coordinating graphics I needed to completely redo my main site as well.

So – all that to ask – what do you think?

Just a friendly reminder

This is just a little reminder to back up your important files. If you haven’t done it in a while, it’s probably time to do it again.

I had been trying to keep my hard drive as free as possible, so I was saving a lot of files on a USB drive. I did a great job at saving my files, but needed to back them up somewhere other than my USB drive. I just hadn’t done it yet. Now I think I’ll store files in both places, because that little USB drive broke this week. Now I’m researching companies that can repair a physically damaged drive.

Some of the files I’m not worried about, but others I am. Like the year’s worth of pictures that were on that drive. . .I was just thinking how I needed to back them up to a CD, but hadn’t done it yet. Now I’m hoping that whatever company I send my drive to will be able to get them back for me. Those were the most sentimental files, but I had a lot of information that was pretty important to me on there.

So take it from me – back up your information so you don’t lose something important!

Jewelry website

I just added 6 more designs to my jewelry website, and will be adding a couple more in the next few days. I had a bunch that I photographed a while back, and never listed, so I finished doing that this morning.

Then last night, when Karen was over, she saw my supplies and wanted a bracelet. I let her play around with things a little bit, and we ended up designing her one. It’s really pretty! If I had enough butterfly beads left, I’d make myself one, but I don’t. I need to go get another package or so of them before I can make another bracelet with them. I think we’re going to call the design “Float the blues away” or something like that, because it has blue crystal beads and butterflies in it… We’ll see. I really liked how it turned out.

It’s nice to see my store coming together more – what started as a hobby has become a business. YAY!

You can see the store at Hope of My Heart Designs.

(And no, this wasn’t entirely a shameless plug…just stating what I’ve been doing the past couple of days…)

My jewelry website is finished!

After many, many, many hours working on my jewelry website, I think I can finally announce that it is finished! At least for now, lol. There are always things I can add or revise, but I finally have it to a place where I can just leave it for a while.

It has been a real challenge learning some of the coding to do the website, especially when I first started with it. It’s been worth it, though. I’m very pleased with the final result.

You can view my updated website at Hope of My Heart Designs.