Product Highlight – Monogram Bangles

Those of you that have been following us on social media are already aware of this, but we are excited to be offering engraved monograms. Our monogram bangles are sophisticated and available in Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled, and Sterling Silver. (shown in Rose Gold Filled)

The monogrammed expandable bangle, with your monogram stylishly engraved in an elegant script font on a 14k rose gold filled charm that isĀ 3/4″ across.s 14k rose gold filled. The letters are diamond cut and absolutely sparkle in the light. The rose plated bangle is expandable, and therefore adjustable, yet it holds its shape.

The traditional order for monograms is First name initial, Last name initial, Middle name (or maiden name) initial.

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift?

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift? This delicate brass locket is already made and is ready to ship!

Simple Love You Brass Heart Locket
Simple Love You Brass Heart Locket

Love lockets but looking for something unique? This brass locket is a sweet and simple way to say “I Love You.”

The locket: two 7/8 inch brass discs. One is domed and has a simple heart stamped in the center. The other is cupped and has a simple “love you” stamped on it. The discs hang together from the same ring, allowing movement but still keeping it together as a locket. Both are highly polished to a mirror finish.

Simple Love You Brass Heart Locket

The lettering: each letter is stamped individually by hand. The letters will not always line up perfectly, and some may be stamped deeper than other letters. This is part of the charm of hand stamped lettering.

The chain: a very delicate 18 inch sterling silver curb chain. Absolutely perfect for the pendant.

Simple Love You Brass Heart Locket

Busy with jewelry

These past few weeks I’ve been busy with jewelry. Until just recently, most of my sales have been from my online shop. And that’s great! Now there is a possibility I’ll be able to put some of my jewelry in a local antique and gift shop as well, and I’m waiting to hear back about it. I’ve also been listing some of the new pieces online until I do hear back from them.

Here are a few of the new designs. You can click on any of the pictures to read more about it in the shop.

Hannah's Prayer Sterling Silver Infertility Bracelet
Hannah’s Prayer Infertility Bracelet
– I love this bracelet. It sparkles so much, and catches light from across the room.

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Nest Ring
Amethyst and Sterling Silver Nest Ring

I’ve really been on a ring kick lately – they are SO fun to make and go together quickly too. Here’s another one:

Swarovski Pearl and Sterling Silver Ring
Swarovski Pearl and Sterling Silver Ring

But the hand stamping. . .that is what has been the most addictive. There are SO many ideas and so many ways to stamp them that I’m only limited by the supplies in stock here to play around with. I LOVE it.

Simple Love You Brass Heart Locket
Simple Love You Brass Heart Locket

So Blessed Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Necklace
So Blessed Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

I love the So Blessed necklace and would love to keep it, but I didn’t make it for me. It’s in the shop though!

Here’s my own necklace. I started with the Cherish necklace (that’s mine in the picture, which I made quite a while ago) and added a copper and a brass disc with our names on them.

Cherished Family Sterling Silver, Copper, and Brass Necklace
Cherished Family Sterling Silver, Copper, and Brass Necklace

I’ve also been very busy with the business end of things. There is so much to read out there about building a business, and I’ve learned a LOT lately. I’ve made some new goals, redone the website a little bit (rearranged categories, added a LOT of new pictures, etc.), and am hoping to really grow the business this year.

Back in November, I switched credit card processing companies so that I could accept credit cards at craft fairs and home parties. That also made for some changes to my website since I had been using Paypal.

Then I learned that my site has to be PCI compliant – an extra level of testing to ensure that customer data is secure. The Hope of My Heart site has been secure all along, but now I’ll have extra certification to prove it. I’m not excited about the process but am looking forward to holding that certification.

It has been a lot of work. But the jewelry-making part of it has been so much fun!

Snowman fun

Snowmen Earrings

At the request of someone on Facebook, I made some snowman earrings today. They’re so fun!

Snowman Earrings

These are for a craft event this weekend, but I’m considering making myself a pair.

Snowmen Earrings

I can’t decide which ones are my favorite. I like different things about each set. Which is your favorite?

The craft fair

Craft Fair Table

Several people have asked how the craft fair went. It was a learning experience, to say the least.

The short answer is it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Most of it seems to be because it was the first year for the event, and even though it was promoted, not many people seemed to know it was being held.

There were a couple other vendors there who do craft shows on a regular basis. It was interesting to talk with them and learn some things.

I was hoping it would go better than it did. On the other hand, I got some really good feedback about the jewelry and got a better idea of what people like. Not only that, but now I have a TON of jewelry made up and new designs to put in the shop.

One thing I hope to be doing now is jewelry parties. Jewelry is made up for it, and everything is ready to process custom orders (including a new credit card processing company, which is great). Stephen and I also talked about putting the jewelry in local stores. This was our plan before the show – that if there was a lot of jewelry left over we’d pursue home parties and maybe a local store or two.

So onward I go. Lord willing, I’ll be able to schedule some jewelry parties in the very near future!

Almost ready for the craft fair

Jewelry Displays
Getting an idea of how much jewelry I have and what still needs to be made

The craft fair is in two days. I’ve been working frantically, trying to get as much jewelry made as possible. It’s been a challenge to work it around normal parts of our day (like schooling), but things are still coming together nicely.

It makes me really thankful Samuel has his own desk for school – it is less of a worry to leave enough space for him at the table when jewelry supplies are spread out everywhere.

Jewelry Displays
Comparing pictures of jewelry with the displays and a new mirror. It looks a lot dirtier in the picture than it did in person. Looks like “Clean Mirror” needs to get added to the to-do list. ;O)

I also had pictures of a few custom designs printed up for display too. The majority of my jewelry is made to order, and I wanted a way to represent that at the fair. The pictures turned out better than I expected, so that was really nice.

Now, just to get everything finished between now and then. . .

What I've been up to lately

Sterling silver and garnet ring

Next weekend’s craft fair has kept me really busy lately. Every spare moment I’ve had seems to have been spent working on getting jewelry made.

It has been so fun coming up with new designs for the show. Many of my current designs are customized to some extent, so I’ve been making new designs to have with me there. I’ve also made up some samples of the custom designs. The Cherish pendant I blogged about a while ago was one of the custom design samples. Of course I don’t mind making myself a mother’s necklace though. :O)

This morning I worked on some rings while Samuel did his schoolwork next to me. Before I knew it, he had grabbed the camera and was taking pictures of me. In the picture above I’m holding up a ring I’d just finished – a silver garnet ring. Rings are so much fun to make.

There’s only about a week left until the show. I’m so excited to be able to do this. Lord willing, it will go well and I’ll be able to get my business name out there a bit more.

Upcoming craft show

Lately I’ve been doing some research trying to find a local craft show to get a booth in. Our county mommies group is putting a craft fair together this year, and I was able to get in it. I’m excited.

Shortly after I found out about the show, someone on Freecycle gave me a large box of velvet jewelry displays. What a blessing!


That same day, another person posted a huge lot of beads on Freecycle. It turns out their house was just a few minutes from mine, and it was several thousand beads – that I already use. It was so amazing to just sit back and see how God was providing already.

Now I have the fun job of making enough jewelry to fill the displays. I have no idea what to expect, since it’s the first year of this craft fair and it’s my first time selling jewelry face-to-face. But you have to start somewhere, right?

I’m excited. If you’re local to me and would like more details about the fair, feel free to send me an email. I’d love to see you there.

Jewelry fun

Last week I was able to buy some new jewelry tools and supplies – things to start metal stamping. It’s something I’ve had my eye on for a while now.

Here are pictures of a couple necklaces that I made. The set I ordered didn’t come with a lot of necklace supplies, but I’ve already ordered more. This is getting very addictive, very quickly.

Hand Stamped Copper Hope Necklace

Hand Stamped Copper Faith Necklace
(this one is in my Etsy shop)

Right now it’s been fun to play around with the materials that came with the kit. I like the copper in the necklaces above, but eventually want to stamp sterling silver as well. I’d love to make miscarriage memorial necklaces, and have quite a few ideas already.

I thought it might get addictive (anything jewelry has that potential for me!), but this is more so than I anticipated!

Inventory time


It’s the time of year for jewelry inventory again. That’s a rather tedious task, but this year I had a few helpers. A friend from church came over today, and a little later two of our teen girls came over as well. It was wonderful – three of us were counting beads while one of the girls played with my kids. It was a real blessing to me to not have to do it all myself. To do all of it alone after the kids are in bed would have taken me a couple of weeks. The counting was the hardest part – and that should be pretty much done by tonight.

Later I’ll go and put all the current reorder numbers and prices into the spreadsheet, making next year much easier. I did all this last year, but that document was on my drive that was destroyed a few months ago so it needed to be redone (now it’s on my hard drive, on a usb drive, AND on my Carbonite drive. It’s not getting lost again). It’s a bit of a hassle having to reinvent the wheel. On the other hand though, it was an amazing blessing having help today!